Thinking about floating with us?

Here’s what to expect on your first visit.


First, book your float session online or over the phone (951) 676-6014. Check out our FAQs and other resources online, or feel free to call if you have any specific questions. On the day of your float: avoid shaving, try not to consume any caffeine 4-5 hours prior, and we’d recommend eating a snack about an hour or two before your float (nothing to crazy, eating a large meal will activate your digestive system and not allow your body to fully rest).

meet & greet

Arrive at least 15 mins before your float to de-stress & sign a waiver. All you have to bring is yourself, positive vibes, and an open mind. Each room is fully private, and you go into the tanks nude, so there’s no need to bring a bathing suit. We provide everything you will need during your visit. We’ll get you all checked in, give you a quick tour, and walk you through the whole process. We’ll give you some helpful tips, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you’re super comfortable before your session.


Before your float

After using the restroom, remove your contacts and make-up if needed, get your earplugs in nice and snug, and then take a thorough shower (not too hot!). When you’re ready, dry your face, turn off the room lights if you’d like, and carefully enter the float tank. Slowly lie back, find a comfortable position, and allow your mind and body to relax effortlessly.


during your float

Once you’ve settled into a comfortable position, center yourself and breathe easily. As you begin to relax, we recommend a simple body scan from head to toe to check for any tension from your muscles. This can be an interesting process, kind of like a self-diagnostic. Be kind and patient with yourself (It is common to feel tension in your neck/shoulder region - floating with your hands above your head may naturally provide more neck and shoulder support). When your time’s up, music will fade in, easing you out of your float. Turn on the lights and carefully exit the tank when you’re ready. Shower again to rinse off the salt water, get dressed, and bask in your post-float glow.


after your float

After your session, your mind and body will feel relaxed and refreshed due to the weightlessness and isolation from the outside world. Feel free to unwind on the couch with some water or complimentary tea before continuing your day. We recommend taking a few minutes at least to sit, reflect, and simply notice how you feel.

If you’d like to chat about your experience or have any questions for us afterwards we’re always here for you. We may be able to provide some helpful tips for your next float.

Also, keep in mind that your experience isn’t over after your session. Many of our guests report feelings of clarity as well as pain & stress relief for days afterward. A consistent float practice has tremendous health benefits. Ask us about our Float Club if you’d like to float more with us!