Check out what some of our members and guests have to say about their experiences!

It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had!
— Jacquie Becker
Super rad experience!! I loved it.
— Wendi Miller
I’ve been to the Float Experience a few times now and each visit is better than the next! Matt is always welcoming and makes sure you have an awesome experience from start to finish! I recommend everyone try floating at the Float Experience!
— Marty Marinoff
The best thing I have done. Life changing? Yes!! Helped me solve some issues I didnt know I had and helped focus better and become more patient. Helped stop me from anxiety. Best meditation cant wait to go back!!! Wonderful care and all is handled professionaly. Good vibes!!
— Alberto Salazar Delgado
Such a great help for my over all body pain. It’s a weekly ritual. 😊👍🏼
— Hedi Betts
Matt and Jen were knowledgeable, helpful, and down to earth. They are here to follow their passion and share it with the world. You can’t ask for a better experience. Flawless!
— Matt Faldmo
Amazing! From the moment I walked in, my experience was relaxing and very positive. My first float was beyond my expectations. The precious present is something we all must enjoy.
— Mel V Best
Highly recommend this place! Will definitely be going again!
— Chris Harris
I own a business in an extremely competitive and high end industry. So basically, I work hard, all the time. Floating has become a necessity to manage the mental and physical aches and pains. Float X was recommended by my doctor as a way to manage stress, I was very skeptical, but honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my overall health. Float X is clean, private and affordable. All they offer is the float therapy, so it’s a very personal and peaceful environment. They offer memberships with discounted sessions, I would highly recommend signing up straight away. I go in after a hectic work week barely able to walk I’m in so much pain, 90 minutes later I feel like I just came back from a 2 week holiday. No joke. Go, do this, it’s a life changer.
— Aimee Musser
I have tried a few different float spas between the IE and San Diego, and this one is my favorite. The service is exceptional. The owners are usually there and are very passionate about float therapy and it shows in the care they put into their business. If it’s your first time, I think this is a great place to start, you will feel very comfortable.
— SD Bakery
As an avid floater and float spa owner myself, I have to say that I would want to float at The Float X all the time because I love their set up, simplicity and cleanliness. I especially loved not having drips from the roof. It also smells great! Matt was very attentive and friendly too. I highly recommend it.
— Veronica Joy
Had my 1st float today and I am in bliss:). Relaxed, recharged and Feeling that creative spark that I needed. I am so happy this is here in Temecula. I will be floating again really soon.
— Melissa Illingworth
Ultimate meditation.
— Josh Painter
A unique experience that was just so peaceful and relaxing.
— Susheila Sheagley
Really great experience. Do your self a favor and take the time and go do this. Your mind and body will appreciate it
— Cal Alan
Love everything about this place - super welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, the BEST tanks (larger than others I’ve tried) and I leave feeling like I am floating on air. The best anxiety treatment I’ve found and it lasts for days. Thanks Float Experience!
— Jen Voss Gunnerson
I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of meeting Matt and Jen over the weekend and I must confess that they are onto something here! Floating was one of the best relaxation experiences I have had. If many are saying positive things about it, why not try it? You have nothing to lose!
— Kimberly Maavich
I recommend to everyone who is living should try the float experience. If you want to escape and relax, zen out, rejuvenate the mind body and soul, get creative or just get lost in your thoughts this experience is for you. The owners are RAD!!! I love room 3, I recommend a 3 float minimum experience and you will make it part of your regiment. It’s a must!!! Thanks Matt for bringing your energy to us in Temecula.
— Reno Renaldo
What a great experience. The owner is a great guy and explains everything very thoroughly. No feelings of claustrophobia at all. You can leave the door to the tank open and the lights on if you don’t do well in enclosed places. The tank is large enough to completely extend your arms and legs. I closed the tank door and had the lights off for the entire time. It was very relaxing. Everyone should give this a try.
— Mike Brisson
I went in hoping to have 90 minutes of relaxation and to ease general pain in joints. And I learned that I hold tension in certain areas of my body and had to force myself to relax and let the water support me. It’s not very often you’re able to let the muscles that support your posture relax and reset but this was exactly what I needed. Add in the benefits of detoxing and you’ve got nothing to lose.
The experience was great and the cleanliness and customer service was awesome. I am now a member and highly recommend it to you. Research it and jump in.
— Rueben Diaz
This place is phenomenal, as soon as you walk in there is a beautiful lobby with gorgeous green plants, PHENOMENAL customer service, it is a very warm, inviting and comfortable environment. I loved floating. It felt unreal to me. I suffer from chronic back pain and after I got out of the tank I felt like I was in another place. Just in awe about how well I relaxed. I would recommend this to everyone who is looking for someplace to enjoy peace and serenity. It was an experience I will NEVER forget and will absolutely go again!
— Arianna Walker