The Float Experience

February Newsletter

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Happy Friday everyone!  First, we want to thank each and every one of you for your interest in floating. The amount of help, inquiries, and fun conversations we have been a part of have been a huge driving force in making this a reality.  We want to make sure we keep everyone in the loop on deals, fun floating stuff, and what we're up to, so we'll make sure to pump these out at least once a month.      

The Float Experience news:  

For those of you who aren't following us on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets, we want you to know we are gaining a lot of steam on developing the first float center EVER in Temecula, Ca and all of Riverside County.  The closest float center to us, Float Spa San Diego, is roughly 50 miles away and is actually where we had our first float experience.  We highly recommend checking them out, you won't regret it.

After our first float at Float Spa San Diego, we thought to ourselves How have we ever not heard about this and what can we do share it with the world. Life. It gets busy. Our minds are always full of clutter. That one hour in the float tank allowed us to remove that clutter and bring us back to what matters most - the present.  We're so grateful to be able to share this experience 


The reason we called it 'The Float Experience' is because everyone's experience is different- unique in its self. Our team is passionate in making sure that you create your own e.  




We provide the environment; you provide the experience.

The main question we've been asked is "when will you be open?"  The answer is SOON!  We are striving for Spring 2014, but it all depends on how fast the construction goes.